Client Focus understands small business. Small businesses begin as ideas, then turn into dreams. They grow out of risk-taking, long nights, and plenty of elbow grease. That’s where you came from; it’s where we came from also.

Like many successful start-up companies, Client Focus grew out of passion rooted in personal experience. For Greg Baker that experience was losing his father to cancer at an early age and watching his mother struggle financially. Greg’s dad didn’t have the right kind of insurance coverage, and what he did have wasn’t enough to secure his family’s future.

Greg and his brother Kirk learned a powerful lesson about the importance of having the right insurance when it is needed. Kirk went on to apply that experience to a nationally recognized career with State Farm.

Greg’s wife Holly also witnessed the impact of inadequate coverage on some of her family members and brought that with her when she went to work for Kirk. Understanding the real, human consequences of proper coverage levels and policy choices allowed her to connect with clients and produce exceptional review results for the Agency.  It seemed like every time they set a review, they would uncover opportunities with existing clients.

Based on their experiences, Greg and Holly wanted to have a bigger influence. They started Client Focus with no funding, no office, and no customers; all they had was the belief that connecting with people was the key to driving more insurance business. That belief has propelled Client Focus to become the industry leader in helping agents grow their business by focusing their efforts and connecting with their clients. With over two million appointments set for nearly six thousand agents, the Client Focus story proves that focusing on people is the key to success.

Greg Baker
Co-founder and President

Greg Baker is an entrepreneur and an industry leader. For Greg, success looks like happy, thriving customers and successful employees who grow and progress. His drive to provide the best client engagement service for his customers has resulted in Client Focus becoming the industry leader in the financial services arena, with rapid expansion into the dental and medical world of office-based practitioners.

With a background as a technologist, Greg brings innovative solutions to Client Focus’s industry. This includes a contact management platform that ensures the best experience for clients, as well as data analytics that promote continual improvement for ourselves and those we serve. Greg is a power connector who has established relationships throughout the industry.

Greg serves actively in the community. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Communication from ASU.

Holly Baker
Co-founder and Vice President

Holly is a leader with a passion for making things better and positively impacting people’s lives. She has consistently held leadership positions, both in her youth in school and later in industry and the community. Among Holly’s core philosophies is the supremacy of the customer experience, which she extends to all of the people whom she serves in business and elsewhere.

Holly’s passion for quality and her natural entrepreneurial talents led her to found Client Focus. She has taken the company from an idea to the industry leader in customer engagement services for office-based professionals and practitioners. Her vision included creating the most advanced software in the industry for optimizing the customer experience.

Holly is an active leader in numerous civic organizations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Communication from ASU and a Master’s degree in Education from Grand Canyon University.

Bryan Baker
Director of Operations

Bryan Joined Client Focus in 2008. His experience in technology and in the insurance industry have led to numerous advancements for Client Focus. Under Bryan’s leadership, the Client Focus call center has become the best in the industry for driving client engagement for our customers.

In addition to leading a best-in-class call center, Bryan oversees Client Focus’s operational teams, driving growth and continuous improvement. Bryan has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Brigham Young University.

Matt Wagner
Vice President of Strategy

Matt Wagner is a strategic leader with 20 years of successful execution in the global technology and professional services industries. Matt has worked in regional and global companies from 50 to 50,000 employees, driving strategic initiatives and creating business value. His global experience is extensive, having lived in Seoul, Korea, and having done business in China, the UK, and Israel.

True to his Silicon Valley years, Matt’s focus is on growth. His areas of specialty are strategy, culture, leadership, and innovation. His passion is to create a culture where everyone thrives by aligning to key strategic imperatives. He is a writer, speaker, teacher, and mentor.

Matt earned a Bachelor’s degree in business from San Jose State University in Silicon Valley.

Our Shared Purpose

  • Employees who thrive.
  • Customers who stay.
  • Aggressive, sustainable growth.

Our Values

  • Outcomes. Results matter most; merely working hard is insufficient and sometimes unnecessary.
  • Love. We care deeply about our co-workers, our customers, and our community.
  • Customers. We understand and deliver on our customer’s definition of success.
  • Growth. Success is when our employees, our customers, and our company all grow and thrive.
  • Change. We reward and promote people who challenge the status quo and achieve excellence.
  • Stewardship. We treat our customer’s business like our own.
  • Freedom. People are amazing, except when you try to control them.
  • Team. We are working together to accomplish something great.

Our Philosophy

Business growth today comes from focusing on doing high-value things really well. It also depends on getting and keeping customers. It’s true for us; it’s true for the companies we serve. Focusing more and connecting better means happier, more loyal customers. Happy, loyal customers mean business growth. Focus. Connect. Grow.

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