Frequently Asked Questions

You will have one consultant who will be the primary person talking to all of your clients. Your consultant will understand what success looks like to you and your team, and will feel like an extension of your office. Your consultant works with a small, close-knit team who can help support you and your clients when needed.
As long as the appointment is for more than one day out, we are always happy to reschedule an appointment. We can also contact clients that no-show their initial appointment to reschedule.
Calls are generally made Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays as needed from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon (local time zones). We do not make calls on major holidays or on the eve of some major holidays. Confirmation calls are made the business day before the review.
Yes. Our bilingual consultants can meet the needs of both your English and Spanish-speaking clients. Other languages may be available depending on our current staff.
We suggest to work with an alpha list. This way, we are contacting all of your clients and it will be seamless to pick up where you left off. However, if you have a specific goal in mind, we can work with you on deciding which type of list to target.
Yes. As long as we are notified before the beginning of the month, you can increase or decrease the number of monthly contacts Client Focus makes on your behalf. Changes can only be made at the beginning of each month.
We will have a caller ID in place That will give the impression we are calling from your office. We will also state that we are calling on behalf of your office; however, if they ask, we will inform them that we are calling from a separate office handling your scheduling.
We are able to accommodate agents that have multiple offices and have multiple options for this. We also strongly suggest allowing team members to help in handling these appointments and are able to specify with the clients based off of your needs.
Our approved insurance review script invites your clients to meet with you to review their current policies. We leave space for you to address areas in which your clients might be under-insured and also invite spouses to participate in the review. Our goal is to set you up for success!

Need further help?

Feel free to call us at (800) 253-1362. We are always ready to assist you with any question you may have in mind.