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The end-goal of these services is to put prepared clients in front of you so that you can service their financial needs. We want to maximize the value of that appointment, which is why we follow through with value-added services at no extra cost.

  • Using localized caller ID
  • Proactively resolving client concerns
  • Requesting that they bring all competitors’ policies
  • Reminder calls to confirm the appointment
  • Updating client contact information
  • Rescheduling appointments where needed

Why Client Focus?

Client focus is the industry leader in connecting insurance agents and their clients. Our industry-leading approach is based on more than a decade of helping agents drive sustainable growth. Why should you trust us?

  • We’ve scheduled 2,000,000 appointments for nearly 6,000 agents.
  • Our scheduling technology is the best in the industry.
  • Our agents can view our performance in real time.
  • Our average appointment-setting rate is over 30% and growing.
  • Our staff is professional, courteous, and empathetic toward your clients.
  • Our algorithm prevents churn, protecting your clients from aggressive or neglectful queuing.
  • Our customer satisfaction is the highest in the industry.
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How We Do It

At the core of Client Focus’s philosophy is the absolute supremacy of client satisfaction. We’ve proven consistently that providing a superlative client experience translates into growth for agents. But that’s not all. We’ve also spent a decade coding that philosophy and experience into our proprietary client management technology. Our platform ensures client satisfaction and prevents “churning and burning” through client lists.

Key Benefits

All of this provides a few key benefits beyond a simple appointment-setting service, including:


Increased sales of higher-value products


More Multi-line Policies


More opportunities based on trust


Reduced office costs and management overhead


Better prepared client meetings
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