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What Does The Future Of Your Insurance Agency Look Like?

Are you stuck in New Customer Acquisition mode, always depending on short-term transactions? The successful insurance agency of the next decade and beyond focuses on connecting deeply with clientele and pivoting to Sustainable Growth.

Client Focus will help you develop a custom strategy for your agency's long-term sustainable growth.

Customized Review Appointment Programs

Many different factors go into creating a successful review appointment program. Client Focus takes the time to understand your business to create a custom review appointment program explicitly designed to meet the needs of your agency. We then manage your review appointment program for you and help you drive the long-term wealth and freedom that only come from serving your clients. The first step is a no-obligation strategy call.

Virtual Team Member

Your Client Focus consultant will help you build and sustain a high-value review appointment program. Beyond just making phone calls, our consultants will work closely with you and your team to optimize every meeting with a client including tips on how to get great referrals, how to improve your customer experience, or how to build an agency focused on long-term growth. Your Client Focus consultant is more than just an appointment setter, they are a critical Virtual Team Member within your office.

Our Values

At Client Focus, eight core values are the foundation of everything we do for our employees, our customers, and our company. These values make us strive to go above and beyond to be our best, help our customers succeed, and grow our company. This motivation makes Client Focus, unlike any other partner you have ever had.


Results matter most; merely working hard is insufficient and sometimes unnecessary.


Success is when our employees, our customers, and our company all grow and thrive.


We reward and promote people who challenge the status quo and achieve excellence.


People are amazing, except when you try to control them.


We care deeply about our co-workers, our customers, and our community.


We understand and deliver on our customer’s definition of success.


We treat our customer’s business like our own.


We are working together to accomplish something great.

Are your ready to Pivot Your Agency?

Successful Agents


“I’ve been working with Client Focus for 3 years now. In my 12 years as an agent, I’ve tried everything to schedule appointments and this has worked better than anything else. Meeting with current customers is crucial to our success and protecting each customer based on their situation. There is no doubt without the volume of appointments we would not meet our goals in all the product lines we offer.”

Bryan Jackson

“Client focus has been the driving force for our office in setting kept appointments and has proven to help us retain business even in light of a recent period of rate increases. Our consultant has an incredible knack for talking to our clients and putting them at ease. They are prepared to visit with us about what’s important to them, and we have not had one person complain about your contacts.”

Laurie Brazier

“After speaking with a few other agents who were using Client Focus, I decided to give them a try.  I couldn’t be more pleased with that decision.  I am very impressed with their accessibility,  their customer service, and the results I am getting from their service.   Our “show up” rate is over 90% and not only are we writing more Financial Services than we had before Client Focus, but I am also retaining more clients.”

Jason E. Wade

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Why Should a Client Give You a Referral?

Guess what? You already know exactly how to get referrals from clients, but you might not have recognized that you know it. We drive insane amounts of referral traffic. In fact, our enrollments for this past month where 67 percent referral based. You'd love to have that kind of referral business, wouldn't you?

You’re Attracting the Wrong Customers

If your book is full of customers who only care about getting the lowest price on minimum coverage, it's time for an upgrade. If that sounds like you and your insurance agency, there some things you can do to make it happen. I'm going to walk you through some of the levers you can pull and some of the knobs that you can turn to get your agency going in a new direction.

Hack Your Insurance Agency’s Customer Experience

Ninety-nine percent of getting a referral happens before you asked for it. Asking for a referral is a skill, but that said, it shouldn't be more of than a formality. What do I mean by that? It's simple. You should already know that the client's going to give you a referral before you even ask.

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