Answers to the most common questions from agents like you.

Why Should I Outsource Appointment Setting?

The calls are going to get done!  

In-house programs can be inconsistent due to other tasks that take precedence over dialing the phone all day. With Client Focus, there is a consistent flow of appointments being set as we get a fresh list every 30 days. This frees up your office staff to do more valuable things, like learning from you how to run the appointments instead of doing the monotonous scheduling all day. It’s also more cost effective to outsource. You pay a monthly fee, rather than a salary, with overhead. 

When you have your Account Manager making the calls from Client Focus, we make 3 calls to each client attempting to get as many appointments scheduled as possible. Your Account Manager will understand your office needs and share in your office culture to make it a great experience for your customers.  

Your Account Manager also has systems in place to handle callbacks, reschedules, and reminders to ensure you are meeting with your clients. We’ll be sure to relay any relevant information your clients tell us regarding their life so you’re always in the know. They will also check in consistently to cover results and see if there’s any areas they can improve.  

Do You Have an Appointment Guarantee?

The answer is never.  

An appointment guarantee would lower our value proposition. We understand that all agents and all clients are different. Your Account Manager will work with you and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that you have worthwhile meetings with your clients. 

Your Account Manager will call all your clients for that month, three times. These are highly skilled calls, balancing the need for setting appointments and conveying the culture and sense of care you have for your clients. We’ll continuously reevaluate performance and determine what things need to be adjusted in order to optimize results. We provide content and coaching to help you and your team maximize each of the opportunities these appointments represent. 

How Many Appointments Can I Expect?

Our average appointment rate runs right around 25%. Some agents do better and reach 30-40%. Some go down as low as 15-20%.  

If you’re looking to reach 30-40%, the determining factor is being relationship-oriented. If you have a disengaged book, we will work to help you build a book of clients who look forward to seeing you and become highly engaged. If you’re strategic about your review appointment program, building trust with your clients, and providing real value, you should see your appointment rate increase over time.  

The goals you set for your office, the list package you choose, and the quality of your lists will also impact results. There are numerous strategies to produce a list and your Account Manager is going to work with you to come up with the best one for your goals. 

Great calendar availability is another way to ensure your success. Agents who have a lot of space available on their calendar are going to get more appointments than agents who only have a couple hours, two or three days a week. 

Collaborating with your Client Focus Account Manager is key to success. They are going to work with you as a virtual team member and take ownership of scheduling review appointments. They’re empowered to help you come up with the right strategy for your office and communicate results effectively. They will also pivot with you as circumstances change and make sure that no matter what’s going on in your agency, the program is flexing to fit the needs of your office. 

How Much Does It Cost?

We create a custom program depending on your agency’s goals and challenges. Instead of pitching you our service, we invite you to do a strategy call, which is a deep dive to figure out which successful strategies will help your agency grow. It’s incredibly valuable and there’s no obligation to enroll. To set up a strategy call, click on this link. 

Is there a contract?

We don’t have a commitment, it’s month-to-month. You can stop calls whenever you need to, just let us know before the next billing cycle takes place (the 10th of every month).

Am I Tied To A Names Package?

We can accommodate a package change before the 10th of every month. Once we know the adjustment, we’ll update the account, and you can send in a new list for us to start calling on.  

We also have throttles that you can place on the number of appointments we schedule per day and per week. This is a useful tool if you’re down a team member due to vacation, etc. Most agents change names packages due to schedules, but also because of short-term goals or trying to maximize a promotion going on.

Who Sets the Appointments?

Your Account Manager will be the person making the calls to your clients. They will make almost all of your calls. If your account manager is out sick, we do have other team members that will step in and help so the account doesn’t go untouched. Your Account Manager also checks in to see how things are going. They’re able to communicate with you and your team to go over goals and customize the approach that fits the needs of your office.

What Is Your No-show Policy?

There’s no use pretending that no-shows aren’t going to happen. We offer phone call reminders as well as text message reminders to try and avoid no-shows. If your client still doesn’t show up for their appointment, your Account Manager will reach out to them to reschedule. Work with your Account Manager to see what works best for you.

What’s The Best List To Send?

We get asked all the time, “what’s the best list to send?” Truly, it boils down to what your goals are.  

Common lists: 

  • Alphabetical A-Z, easy to keep track of where you left off.  
  • Households working by premium, targeting your top customers and working your way down, but still touching everyone.  
  • Birthday lists, attempting to get them in before they turn another year older.  
  • Renewal date for Fire.  
  • Focusing on the customers renewal date as they receive their new policies in the mail.  

Ultimately, we accept any lists as long as they are your existing customers. We don’t make any cold calls. Work with your Account Manager if you need help creating your list for the month.  

Do You Have Access to My Calendar?

Our portal is called the Agent Center and it’s easy and flexible to use. It allows you or your team to simply block or open your calendar as needed. We walk every new customer through this portal, as well as their team, if it’s requested 

What Will Show Up on Caller ID?

We use your office line as the caller ID, that way it’s familiar to your clients. It’s easily recognizable and will help increase our answer rate.  

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