Praise From Agents Like You

For 15 years Client Focus has helped successful agents build agencies based on long-term sustainable growth.

“I’ve been working with Client Focus for 3 years now. I feel our Client Focus consultant is a “Virtual Team Member”, we consider her part of our office. We communicate several times per week and she has been a huge difference maker for our office.”

Bryan Jackson

Over the past year with my Virtual Team Member, not only has set a large percentage of my call list but also takes the extra steps to let me know when a client has a life-changing event or special circumstances. She actually cares that my office is successful and not just about making dialsShe really feels like an extension of my team.

Thank you for what you do, as we have insured dozens and dozens of lives because of this professional relationship.

Travis Foster

“At first, I was hesitant on using Client Focus to set up my client appointments. After speaking with a few other agents who were using them, I decided to give them a try. I couldn’t be more pleased with that decision. I am very impressed with their accessibility, their customer service, and the results I am getting from their service. Our “show up” rate is over 90% and not only are we writing more Financial Services, than we had prior to Client Focus, I am also retaining more clients.”

Jason E. Wade

“Client Focus has worked great in our office! Their service is a tremendous value. We’ve been using them since 2011 for appointments and multi-lining our customers. Their conversion ratio is high and the show-up ratio is even higher. We also have them reach out to our 1-3 year policyholders for retention. Many of my customers have commented on the professionalism of the callers.  This full service approach has made it an excellent fit for my office.”

Jay Jackson

“Our first month of service has been great!  the first review appointment we had on the phone resulted in a $1.5 M life sale for a team member! Great way to show the team that these calls are worth having with clients. I have had a lot more people in my office to meet with me this month than I did any month last year. I know it will lead to good things like better retention, more sales, and making sure our clients are properly protected!!”

Stephanie South

“We started in November and had seen some amazing results so far. I’ve increased my ROI in four months through increased coverage amounts and getting my clients properly insured, and we are still going strong! We have doubled our production this year so far over our last year’s production, and that is without the use of internet leads. We are currently working on referrals that we are getting from appointments, Facebook and conversations with existing clients.”

Josh Bell

“Client Focus keeps my appointments coming, and I love the fact that I do not have a lot of no-shows. I would highly recommended Client Focus to other Agents”

Dan Maciejewski

“I think they have been going well and anytime I have had to say ‘can you move this appointment around,’ everybody’s been so fast at taking care of it. So we are really impressed.”

Randy Thompson

“We view Client Focus as an extension of our office.  Often, our clients will schedule an appointment with the Agency because of Client Focus’ persistence and a sense of obligation, but after they have met with me, they thank me for taking the time to thoroughly review their protection and assure that there are no gaps in their plan.  What Client Focus provides to our Agency, is a very professional, consistent process, whereby we make sure our policyholders are offered the opportunity to meet with their agent, as often as they choose.  Client Focus works diligently with our policyholders to make it convenient for our customers to meet with us, and the follow-up reminder calls, assure the Agency that the time reserved to meet, is well-planned and efficient.”

Al Vasey

“Client focus has been the driving force for our office in setting appointments and has proven to help us retain business even in light of a recent period of rate increases. Our consultant has an incredible knack for talking to our clients and putting them at ease. They are prepared to visit with us about what’s important to them and we have not had one person complain about your contacts. Our show ratio is excellent. The communication between you and everyone in our office is exemplary, which is vital to our success of coordinating so many appointments with four different team members.”

Laurie Brazier

“I’ve been using your services for the past 13 months and the feedback has been outstanding. Before utilizing your services, I had my team members try to schedule review appointments, but was not having much success. Ever since I signed up with Client Focus, my calendar has been filled with appointments.

Javed Kapadia

“I have been using Client Focus for 4 years. My consultant is absolutely the best I have worked with. She is a fantastic representative of my agency. We have been successful in increasing retention, increasing limits, endorsements, etc, and multi lining into financial services as a result of her efforts.”

Trevor Yates

“My consultant is nothing short of awesome! We just had our one-month phone meeting, and I love the teamwork. She is incredibly responsive, articulate, and has a can-do attitude. I hope we can work together for a long time to come, as an extension of my office.”

Dave Woods

“Client Focus has been great! We have been using them for years and it allows my team to spend more time helping our policyholders. Our consultant has always been available to answer all of our questions.”

Darin Tsukashima

Client Focus has been a consistent part of my process for meeting with clients for about 8 years.  I believe it is a cost effective way to consistently contact clients to thank them for their business as well as invite them in to review their policies and discuss other ways I can help them meet their goals and manage risks. Client Focus had made my job easier and allowed me to better serve my clients. Qualifying the numerous recognition programs we have qualified for would have been much harder without the partnership we have with Client Focus.

Mark Cramer

“Appointments are being set which is then giving us the opportunity to retain business as well as selling other products. With rates going up everywhere, people are really analyzing their bills now days. The [insurance review] has become critical to have that extra support from Client Focus to get those appointments set up. To get those people in our office or on the phone or home appointment or whatever it might be is absolutely helping us to retain business as well as writing additional business.”

Ryan Salonia

“Client Focus created an amazing competitive advantage for my agency. Their quality and effectiveness led to a positive return on investment in both multi-line cross selling and retention. This is a no brainer.”

Sean Kingsbury

“From my perspective, my consultant has done an amazing job putting clients in front of me over the past month. I have not had a schedule so full of appointments since I started my agency.”

Timothy C Boyd