Are You Ready To Pivot Your Agency?

Let us help you develop a strategic plan to pivot your insurance agency onto a path towards sustainable growth.

Pivot Your Insurance Agency Towards Sustainable Growth 

Are you plugging away at Internet leads only to close a few auto policies per month? Would you rather drive tons of referral business while selling high-value policies to high-value clientele? Do you always plan to get serious about meeting your clientele, but it never quite takes off? We can manage your review appointment program for you, and help you drive the long-term wealth and freedom that only come from serving your clients. The first step is a no-obligation strategy call with Client Focus.

During your strategy call, we will:

  • Get to know you and your unique business.
  • Understand your challenges and your objectives.
  • Uncover blind spots that you didn’t know existed.
  • Show you how to drive your agency’s transformation.
  • See whether we’re a good fit—there’s no obligation!
  • Take review appointment program management off of your plate.

Schedule your no-obligation strategy call today and let us help you envision a customized, strategic plan to transform your insurance agency.

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15 Years of Supporting Successful Insurance Agents

“I’ve been working with Client Focus for 3 years now. In my 12 years as an agent, I’ve tried everything to schedule appointments and this has worked better than anything else. Meeting with current customers is crucial to our success and protecting each customer based on their situation. There is no doubt without the volume of appointments we would not meet our goals in all the product lines we offer.”m CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Bryan Jackson

“Client focus has been the driving force for our office in setting kept appointments and has proven to help us retain business even in light of a recent period of rate increases. Our consultant has an incredible knack for talking to our clients and putting them at ease. They are prepared to visit with us about what’s important to them, and we have not had one person complain about your contacts.”

Laurie Brazier

“After speaking with a few other agents who were using Client Focus, I decided to give them a try.  I couldn’t be more pleased with that decision.  I am very impressed with their accessibility,  their customer service, and the results I am getting from their service.   Our “show up” rate is over 90% and not only are we writing more Financial Services than we had before Client Focus, but I am also retaining more clients.”

Jason E. Wade

About Brittney Koehler | Strategic Business Consultant

It is my mission to help agents succeed through a powerful and goal-oriented review appointment program.”

Brittney is at the core of Client Focus’s mission to help agents grow and thrive. Her specialty is helping agents design their review appointment program around their specific goals and challenges. Having supported many of the top agents in the country for six years, her ability to consult with agents, share best practices, and show them how to get power-agent results is the best in the industry. Brittney formerly managed the Client Focus Relationship Center, where she mentored our consultants in cultivating relationships and producing successful outcomes.

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