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You already know why you need to meet your customers consistently. Are we the right people to help you get it done right? Let’s chat and find out.

We Get You In Front of Your Clients!

Is meeting with your clients on your business plan every year, but you consistently fall behind on it? We can manage your review appointment program for you, and help you drive the long-term wealth and freedom that only comes from serving your clients. The first step is a no-obligation strategy call with Client Focus.

During your strategy call, we will:

  • Get to know your business and what you’re wanting to accomplish.
  • Understand your challenges and your objectives.
  • See whether we’re a good fit—there’s no obligation!
  • Take review appointment program management off your plate.

Schedule your strategy call today, and let us help you envision a strategic plan to transform your business.

16 Years of Supporting Successful Insurance Agents

“Our Client Focus experience has been wonderful!  Setting up the strategy call allowed us to focus our efforts at retention and connecting to our current book of business in the most meaningful way possible. It gave us a chance to think through exactly what results we want the relationship with Client Focus and our clients to produce.”

Dave Osborn

“What really impacted me the most was her genuine level of interest about my business and my goals. She spent a lot of time getting to know me and my business philosophy.  I felt as though she really cared and that my rep from Client Focus would be a partner in helping me to achieve those goals. I am very excited to start with Client Focus and the Strategy Call certainly set the path for success.”

Denise Granville

“She found out what was important to my office and why. She really dug deep on who would be taking the appointments and found out what our office is like. I could tell in that first call that Client Focus was the company I wanted to partner with for my office’s appointments. We have had a great show rate and more appointments than we’ve ever had before.”

Matt Kwiatkowski