Training & Coaching

Agency Growth Hack: Fix Your X-Axis

So many businesses become solely focused on dollars that they get stuck in the grind and thus their employees get stuck in the grind. Find out how fixing your Y-axis can help your insurance agency thrive.

Agency Growth Hack: The Ah-Ha Amen Experience

If you're selling something that you genuinely believe will help your customer, then forget about your value proposition, your elevator pitch, sales gimmicks, and techniques. Instead, you need to focus on giving the customer what we call the Ah-Ha Amen Experience.

Agency Growth Hack: Reconnect With Your Clients

So you spend a lot of time talking to customers, but what percent of that time goes to customers who need you a lot because they have billing issues? Discover the types of clients you should be spending time with to grow your business.

Agency Growth Hack: Provide More Value

If you're meeting with clients and you feel like they're just not fully engaging with you, like you're just not getting the response that you want, then here is a hack that will help you get the most our of your client meetings.

Agency Growth Hack: Nobody Hates Lunch

So you've got clients who can't meet with you because they're working during the day and you're not available in the evenings or on the weekends to meet them, but they have to eat lunch.

The Future of Agency

All insurance agencies have client relationships that can be mapped on a spectrum somewhere between transactional and connection based. When a new agency starts, they tend to be in customer acquisition mode. As agencies mature though, they tend to move toward a more sustainable growth model that reduces churn and creates more repeat business, more referral business, and more a high margin business.