Training & Coaching

Agency Growth Hack: Stop Taking Bad Advice

If you're in a workshop or a seminar and some coach is telling you to do things that amount to manipulating your customers are making your employees live in a perpetual state of fear. Don't listen to them. Matt tells you why following your own path is the best way for growing your insurance agency.

Agency Growth Hack: Extreme Customer Alignment

This Growth Hack is really a mindset shift. We call it extreme customer alignment and what that means is aligning your best interest and your customer's best interest. Find out why this is important to growing your insurance agency.

A Candidate Must Look Good On Paper

When we say a candidate must look good on paper, it's does not necessarily mean that they have to have the perfect work experience or skills. Find out what some of the key things are to look for on a resume.

Candidate Passion Is So Important

A good question you can ask your candidates is what is something that motivates them. What you're going to look for is are they passionate about something. Her is why that is so important.

Hiring To Meet Your Company’s Core Values

When you're looking for candidates, you want to make sure that you are looking for people who align with your company's core values and those standards. You do not want to compromise those. Here is how you can successfully achieve it.

Agency Growth Hack: The 15% Rule

Here's a really important growth hack. It's called the 15% rule and what this means is that you need to spend 15% of your time as a small business owner thinking about your strategy, thinking strategically about the future of your business.