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1 Tip To Attract, Win, and Keep Customers

by | Oct 7, 2022 | Strategy

Getting and keeping customers (and employees) is hard. Today I’ll show you 1 mind hack that will make it way easier.

Which of these people would you rather be around?


  • Genuinely cares about you.
  • Makes you smarter and empowers you.
  • Focuses on you more than herself.
  • Shows more interest in helping than in selling.
  • Leaves you better than she found you.


  • Pretends to like you.
  • Talks about himself or his product.
  • Shoe-horns you into his product.
  • Seems manipulative or overbearing.
  • Is willing to sell you something you don’t need.

Which person would you do repeat business with? Refer friends to? Leave positive reviews for?

For which one would you ignore lower-priced competitors?

Abundance Versus Scarcity.

Person 1 has an abundance mindset.

Abundance asks, “How can I make the pie bigger for everyone?”

Abundance is confident and sees success in everyone’s betterment. It applies correct principles over time to produce a better future for everyone.

It’s a long-term play with huge rewards that aren’t driven by metrics or attribution.

Person 2 has a scarcity mindset.

Scarcity says, “I’ve got to get my piece of pie before it’s gone,” or asks, “How can I get a bigger piece of the pie for myself?”

It’s insecure and sees success in comparison to others. It needs to control outcomes right now before it’s too late.

The Choice.

So you can play the abundance game or the scarcity game. And here’s the million-dollar question:

Guess which game more people will want to play with you?

If you want to attract, win, and keep more customers (and better employees), let go of your scarcity mindset. Think and behave abundantly about life, the world, and your business.

They’ll feel it. (You’ve felt it before, right?)

But Matt, what if I act abundantly but people still go somewhere cheaper?

That’s rare, and those are not your people. Let them go.