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Agency Growth Hack: The Ah-Ha Amen Experience

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Uncategorized

If you’re selling something that you genuinely believe will help your customer, then forget about your value proposition, your elevator pitch, sales gimmicks, and techniques. Instead, you need to focus on giving the customer what we call the Ah-Ha Amen Experience.

Most sales presentations and sales pitches are just lectures and are little more than a  bunch of information that the customer might not even be interested in or care about. However, if you start focusing on getting connected with how they think, you can give them an Ah-Ha experience. You can teach them something that they didn’t already know, that will make them feel empowered. This will inspire them.

Now if you also can give them the Amen experience, which is where you connect with their heart and help them see that you understand them and tell them something they relate to, something that they agree with fundamentally, then you can motivate them.

If you can give them an Ah-Ha and an amen experience as part of the same interaction, you can transform them. You can change the way they think. If you give them a new paradigm, they will assume that you have the solution to their problems.

So give that a shot and I hope you thrive.

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