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Candidate Passion Is So Important

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Uncategorized

A good question you can ask your candidates is what is something that motivates them or what is a goal you’re working towards or what is something you really loved doing? What you’re going to look for is are they passionate about something. Is there something that really drives them and motivates them.

It doesn’t have to be a career goal or even work-related. It can be their family or health and wellness. When they have a passion for something, it’s likely that it’s going to reflect in their work. If someone’s not passionate about something, they tend to be a little lazier, not quite as driven and isn’t going to be motivated to go for that next promotion. But when you have someone who is very, very passionate about, let’s say their family, they’re going to be extremely motivated to do their best work every single day.

It does not matter what they have passion in. They could have a passion for some kind of sport that they love. Maybe they are obsessed with football. That’s okay because they’re passionate about something and that passion is going to reflect in their work. That person’s going to have that motivation and just that drive to for excellence every single day when they have passion for something.

How do you find out if someone has passion? Honestly, I just get straight to the point. I just ask what they are passionate about? What is it that you love? If they don’t have an answer, then that could be a little concerning. Maybe they’re not motivated. Maybe they don’t have something that they absolutely work for every single day. But if someone tells me that they’re passionate about dogs, that’s okay because they’re motivated and they have a passion to work with the dogs, and that passion is going to completely reflect into their work and they are going to excel in everything they do.

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