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Agency Growth Hack: Compete with Yourself

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

So about three years ago when Client Focus had been in business for about a dozen years with a strong reputation and valuable service, Greg and I sat down and said, how can we provide a lot more value and have more impact with our customers and also drive a lot more growth.

One of the things we resolve to do was to focus exclusively on competing with ourselves and just ignoring the competition. Wow, what a profound impact that had.

We said, how can we make 2016 Client Focus better than 2015 Client Focus? And we’ve done that every year since. How can we better this year than we were last year? How can we be better next year than we are this year?

That gives us so much power to change because everything about competing with yourself is 100% under your control. So it’s incredibly powerful.

So I hope you’ll give that a shot. Just take a look at your agency and say, how can we compete with this instead of competing with the agency down the street? So give that a shot. And if this video resonated with you, please share it and until next time, don’t settle. Go out and crush it.

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