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Customer Engagement During COVID-19

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Uncategorized

A lot of agents have been asking us, what’s the best way to approach customer engagement during COVID-19?

First, this is a critical time for you to be reaching out to customers. Customers are dealing with an insane amount of uncertainty and insurance agents like you are the experts at managing uncertainty. Your customers need to hear from you. Second, when the smoke has cleared and your customers are shopping to try to save some money because they’ve been hurt economically, they will remember that you reached out to them. Now, how do you actually execute on that?

In most cases right now, in-office appointments are not possible or not ideal, but phone reviews have taken on a whole new meaning. The goal of these phone reviews is not necessarily to try to maintain the same conversion rate that you would have with an in-office appointment. The goal is to touch as many people as possible, and the call should go like this.

The first few minutes are just checking in, seeing how they’re doing, making sure that they know that you care about them. They will remember that and you took the initiative to check up on them and their families in a moment of crisis.

The second thing you want to do is use the call as a qualifying opportunity. See if there is something further to talk about on that call or on a subsequent call, or even maybe in a future in-office setting. So, that’s how you want to approach phone reviews right now. And if you do it right, you’ll be able to touch a lot of people and have a big impact.

Now, if you’re not in the position to do appointments right now, the other option is Care Calls. A Care Call is single call where we reach out to the customer and basically say that you, the agent, just wanted to touch base with them, thank them for their business, let them know that you’re there for them and make sure everything’s okay. It is a touch that you want to especially give to your VIP customers and customers who were at the highest risk so that they know that you cared enough to touch base with them, and that’s gonna mean a lot.

So those are our recommendations during this time. We’re going to be back to business as usual or maybe doing business a new way in a few months. But right now you’ve got to make that contact and we’d love to help you.