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Customer Meetings Done Right

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Uncategorized

If you’re comparing the costs of buying Internet leads with the cost of engaging with your clients, you’re missing out on a whole bunch of value.

Client engagement can create incredible value for your business. That said, agents approach review appointment programs very differently. Some take a very high-value approach and others have more of a low-value approach. Here’s the difference. Low-value client engagement is really tactical. It’s basically a form of prospecting when agents are trying to decide whether they should spend their money on internet leads or whether they should spend that same money on client engagement. Really what they’re saying is, “what’s the most cost-effective way to get some transactions?”

The Value of High-Value Client Engagement
High-value client engagement is much more strategic. Will it produce some short-term transactions? Sure it will, but here are some of the other benefits that accrue from having a high-value client engagement program.

  1. Building trust and cultivating relationships.
  2. Selling higher value products and solutions.
  3. Filling a high-value pipeline for life insurance and financial services with future opportunities.
  4. Getting referral business and networking opportunities.
  5. Providing opportunities for your team to learn how to have high-value client conversations. If you think about how much it costs to train your team, then this is a no-brainer.
  6. For agents who really care about the impact they’re having on the world, it’s a much better opportunity to make a real difference for your clients and have greater fulfillment.

So with this high-value approach, it’s not something that you try for a little while to see if it’s any good. It becomes a longterm strategic pillar of your business that you’re always working to improve. So try that on and let us know how it works. Of course, we’re here to help.

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