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Agency Growth Hack: Fix Your Y-Axis

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Uncategorized

For most businesses, growth looks like an X-axis that represents time and a Y-axis that shows dollars and then hopefully an arrow that’s pointing up over time.

So many businesses become solely focused on dollars that they get stuck in the grind and thus their employees get stuck in the grind. Customers can feel that that business is stuck in the grind and it feels bad to do business with them.

Think about your business. When you were initially going to get into business, you were in love with the idea you were going to make the world a better place and making a lot of money and have fulfillment. Now you find yourself stuck in the grind and your employees are mired in it. What you need to get back in touch with is your original Y-axis.

If you recall, there were some things you wanted. You wanted to have an impact. You wanted to be esteemed and respected in your community, and you want it to be able to be fulfilled and have your employees be fulfilled by the job that they’re doing. Those are the things that drive the dollars anyway. So if you can get back in touch with the reason you fell in love with your business in the first place, if you can fix your Y-axis, you’re going to thrive.

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