The Adaptive Agency

How To Generate A LOT More Profit

by | Oct 20, 2022

What to have more fun and make way more profit? This recipe will turn you into an Adaptive Agency with thick margins and huge fulfillment.

Step 1: Meet with one existing customer.

  • Don’t sell yet. Learn. Learn as much as you can.

Step 2: Identify their risk exposures and the weak assumptions behind them.

Step 3: Carefully challenge those assumptions in a way that makes the customer smarter.

Step 4: Propose solutions to their biggest problems.

  • Don’t just sell products.
  • Whatever you sell, make it something they’ll talk about with others.

Step 5: Validate that they’re delighted with the way you helped them.

Step 6: Ask them who else you can help and get an introduction.

  • If they don’t have anyone to introduce, ask for a positive social media review.

Step 7: Have somebody follow up within 6 months to thank them and reinforce the relationship.

Do this 300 times in the next 12 months. Take notes on the important problems you’re solving. Use those notes to develop repeatable solutions that are compelling, unique, and relevant.

Then do it again the following year, but first segment your book into a few profiles based on annual premium and build a microstrategy for each one.

What will improve?

  1. Annually Recurring Revenue (ARR) will go up.
  2. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) will go up.
  3. Customer referrals will go up.
  4. Your market differentiation will become clear.
  5. Margins will improve. (Cost of Revenue will go WAY down.)

You’ll also love your job way more because you’ll be providing a lot more value.

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