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How to Stay Focused on the Destination

by | Jan 2, 2024 | Strategy

Here we are in 2024. Wow!

And guess what? In no time flat, we’ll be saying, “Here we are in 2025.”

Some things are going to happen in the meantime. They’ll define 2024 for you and your agency. Whether you make them happen or watch them happen, they’ll happen.

You get to choose. The choice is between two things:

  1. Setting direction.
  2. Doing stuff.

Setting Direction

When 2025 rolls around, you’ll have arrived at some destination with your agency. Will it be the one you want? That depends on you.

So picture your ideal destination. Then ask yourself, “Am I pointing myself, my people, and my business at that destination?”

If so, there’s a good chance you’ll love where you are a year from now. If not, there’s no time like the present to get everyone moving in the same direction.

Doing Stuff

By contrast, if you allow yourself to get caught up in all the “stuff” that happens–if you let your business run you instead of vice versa, you’ll probably end up about where you are right now.

You’ll work hard all year and have little or no transformation to show for it.

Just another year in the can.

What To Do About It.

But that’s harder than it sounds because stuff is going to happen, right? Lots of stuff. And it will need to get dealt with.

So when stuff starts to happen, and you feel yourself getting sidetracked, deploy this protocol.

  1. Refocus on the direction. Keep everything moving forward.
  2. Deal with the stuff as an aside.
  3. If possible, make sure you never have to deal with that stuff again (eliminate, automate, delegate, outsource, simplify, etc.).
  4. Then get back to keeping everything moving in the right direction.

This will take some skill. Especially if you’re new to it. Even more, if you take solace in feeling busy.

You’ll have to learn to make time for stuff, rather than making time for strategy. It sounds obvious, but it separates the pack.

See, this is all really just a game of “who can focus the best.”

And it’s a massively high-leverage game. Once you can better control your focus, your gains will be incredible.

Good luck! I’m in this with you. It’s one of the most worthwhile challenges in life. Let’s rock it!