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Three Ways to Avoid Being “Too Busy” for Review Appointments

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

Things come up when you are running a business. Staffing issues, vacation, day-to-day stuff, there are dozens of reasons why your calendar can get quickly filled up. It can sometimes be hard to find time to keep a full-throttle review appointment program going.

One of the critical ingredients of a successful review appointment program is consistency. So how can you avoid having your review program get stuck on the back burner?

Update Your Names Package

The quickest way to open time on your calendar is to lower your monthly name package. By reducing your name package, you can dial back the number of appointments in the upcoming month. This opens space on your calendar, typically reserved for appointments to handle urgent issues in your office.

It’s just as easy to ramp your name package up to full speed once your calendar frees up again.

This option allows you to find time to handle urgent issues without completely stalling your efforts to meet with customers monthly.

Extra Tip: Many agents will increase their names package during months they are pursuing quarterly or yearly goals to give them as many opportunities as possible to meet with their customers.

Appointment Throttles

If lowering your names package will not free up enough time, you can also put Appointment Throttles on your calendar. These throttles will limit the number of appointments scheduled for a specific time window. There are two different throttles you can use.

Daily Throttle – Limits the number of appointments for any given day on your calendar. Once that limit is hit, it will automatically block out the rest of the day.

Weekly Throttle – Similarly, if you know that you can only dedicate yourself to a certain number of weekly appointments, you can set a throttle for that as well. This will ensure that you never feel overwhelmed and can stay consistent with your customers.

Calendar Availability Adjustments

If you block off specific dates and times from appointments, you can adjust your appointment calendar. This gives you the ability to fine-tune your calendar to fit your needs. If you only want appointments on certain afternoons or want to block out a few weeks with no appointments, it is easy to block out segments of your calendar. Customizing your calendar in this manner gives you complete control over the timing of your appointments

If you find yourself struggling to keep your review appointments on your calendar, ask to speak with your Customer Service Representative, and they will help you build a calendar to match your needs.