The Adaptive Agency

10 Truths About Customers

In this business, people come first. Everyone needs to be protected from risks and accidents. And you love giving them value. But they don’t all respond the same way, do they? Here are 10 truths about customers that you probably already realized...

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Directional Accuracy Beats Rigid Plans

Goals and plans.   We’re always making them. But how often do find ourselves pursuing a goal or sticking to a plan that we’re not sure makes sense anymore?   A lot of time can get lost down that rabbit hole.   Sometimes goals and plans outlive...

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You Are Your Brand

Think of a person you admire. Now think of a business you admire. Have you ever known someone who was admirable in person but not in business? They were one way at church and another way at work? How did you feel about that person? Brands are all...

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